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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are

“We” are Joe Beef, the founder and curator of The Finger Album personal archive. If you think Joe Beef is a made-up name you have guessed correctly.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The Finger Album does not collect any data – personal or otherwise.


We don’t want your personal data. Keep it to yourself.


The Finger Album is zero-calorie and cookie-free. Your visit will leave no trace and no crumbs. Nobody will ever know you were here.


The Finger Album does not track your visit. This is why there are no social media sharing icons on the site. You are welcome to share links to The Finger Album on your favorite social media service but if we included a linking icon those bastards would track everybody that visits the site.

Speaking of trackers, this is a good opportunity to share our endorsement for the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Privacy Badger browser plug-in. Don’t go surfing without it.

Embedded content from other websites

The Finger Album does not embed content from other websites.

Who we share your data with

The Finger Album collects no data and therefore has nothing to share. If we did collect data (which, again, we don’t) you can bet your life we would not share it.

We promise you will not start receiving ads for finger gloves, finger paint, fingerprinting supplies, fingernail clippers. or finger sandwich recipes, as a result of visiting The Finger Album.

…unless you found your way here by way of a Google search and then clicked-through the search results. In that case you have only yourself to blame. Why are you using Google? Stop reading right now and change your default search engine to DuckDuckGo. You can thank me later.

How long we retain your data

The Finger Album collects no data (none, nada, zero, zilch) and therefore there is nothing to retain.

What rights you have over your data

If The Finger Album collected or saved any data (which we don’t) you would be entitled to have that information scrubbed from our system. Any website that does not behave similarly is unworthy of your patronage.

Where we send your data

The Finger Album does not collect data, does not retain data, and does not sent it anywhere.


Friends don’t let friends use Google.